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Eero Hiironen, works for the rent water 

Hiironen (born 1938) is one of the most productive Finnish sculptors of all time. He is one of the most significant followers of  Aimo Tukiainen and Wäinö Aaltonen in regard to the quantity of his works as well as to his skill as an interpreter of his time (Hannu Castren, Taide magazine 6 / 99). Close to five hundred pieces in public exhibitions and over 40 monumental sculptures prove him to be one of the great artists of our time.

Mr. Hiironen´s favourite material is acid-proof steel. In the working of this difficult material he is an unequalled master. he also uses bronze, copper and aluminium to make images of Finnish Nature, seasons and, most of all, water.

Finnish lakes have inspired the artist for many decades. In bringing the shapes and reflections of  water into his works he is really a visionary prophet. A deep understanding of the primary importance of water, pure water, to mankind compelis Mr. Hiironen to create works that tell of the beauty of Nature and it,s vulnerability.

The Finnish President granted Mr. Hiironen the title of Professor in the year 1990.

“The dialogue of earth and water, and water, and light – nature´s physical light, the Sun- the trinity, that these three create is essential to my work, and affects it greatly. in sculpting, however, my greatest influence is Finnish Nature and the home lake – the idea for a new work always comes from Nature.”